Blended Learning
Case Study


Triniti Marketing are a global consultancy firm whose expertise stretches across a range of disciplines and marketing specialisms – they solve strategic and people development challenges for their clients, and work with some of the biggest brands in the world.


We were engaged by Triniti to help roll out a new training program on Early Stage Innovation for a multinational food, snack, and beverage corporation. The client wanted to see if they could replicate the level of engagement and interaction that their trainers delivered in the classroom, but in a facilitated online environment. In order to do this, they needed specialist assistance in the design and delivery of outstanding learning content.

THE Strategy

We worked with trainers to fully understand the content and advise on how activities can transition into a virtual world.

Every session was then crafted so the presenters and learners only see what they need at any given time during delivery. We built these in Adobe Connect so that layouts, content and activities could change throughout the session to ensure that learners get the most engaging experience – this is what one of the facilitators referred to as ‘the digital dance of online delivery’.

Work that we carried out included:

  • Design of lessons, media content and slides
  • Redesign of face to face activities to optimise for online delivery
  • Supplementary assets, such as workbooks, and pre-and post-session work

We provided ‘train the trainer’ support on Adobe Connect to cover best practices when delivering the sessions, and show how a co-faciltator can assist with delivery.

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By removing the need to fly staff around the world for training, the client company are working in a more cost effective, smarter and more sustainable way.



We delivered three courses, which began to roll-out prior to disruption to the business due to COVD-19. As a result of their forward thinking approach, the client did not have to pivot their training approach in this area and had a consistent virtual delivery strategy in place, as well as fully trained staff.



Due to working closely with the client and their facilitators, and piloting sessions prior to delivery, there were only minimal amends required to materials once delivery had begun in earnest.

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