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Smurfit Kappa specialise in manufacturing paper-based packaging. The group consists of a network of paper, recycling and forestry operations. They operate 350 production sites around the world, with locations in 23 countries in Europe and 13 countries in the Americas. In total, they employ around 48,000 people.


Smurfit Kappa’s General Manager Programme (GMP) was traditionally an intensive face-to-face event for managers of sites and plants. Our challenge was to reimagine this event and support the design and delivery of an engaging online learning experience that would retain key programme elements, such as collaboration and sharing, connection with senior leaders and networking opportunities.


We wanted to design and support a programme that would be a motivating and successful learning experience, maintaining the beneficial elements of the original face-to-face programme as much as possible in the new virtual version, while adding the best of what a digital medium can offer. Working with the Smurfit Kappa team (the Group Talent Manager, the SMEs and company leaders) we designed and supported a programme of cohort-based learning, centred on a social experience that connected live virtual events, tasks and challenges, discussion and relationship building.

We measured success throughout, monitoring how participants were engaging and how they interacted in the virtual sessions. We also captured feedback on a regular basis to improve the programme while it was running, with an eye on future iterations. Following the social networking interaction and collaboration during the process, participants completed the programme with a newly expanded network that will serve them as a lasting support network in their career at Smurfit Kappa and perhaps beyond.

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Outstanding increase in engagemenT, highly valued

31 delegates, from countries across Europe and the Americas, attended this 6-week virtual training programme

86% Smurfit Kappa

The GMP was highly valued by participants; 86% agreed that the “Masterclass” workshops were of value to their role and the broader team

85% Smurfit Kappa

85% of participants rated the podcasts, session highlights videos and trailer videos as being valuable

74% Smurfit Kappa

The H&S Masterclass session scored an average of a 74% approval rating across various aspects of the workshop; participants reported that the session motivated them to further strengthen health and safety in their daily practice

Participants found that their interaction with senior leaders in the “In conversation with” sessions yielded valuable company insights.

Products and Services provided

  • Designed the overall learning experience to be facilitated via a Microsoft Teams channel, including text copy, images and polls in messages.
  • Provided support and guidance to company experts in their preparation and delivery of “Masterclass” workshops, using a live facilitator to support.
  • Recorded engaging trailer videos made by leaders to introduce their live virtual sessions, and post-session highlights videos capturing the key moments for the participants to revisit.
  • Planned and recorded a podcast series in which senior leaders told stories of their own experiences, shared their thoughts on leadership and described key learning moments from their careers.
  • Planned and created surveys using Typeform to track participant sentiment; capturing and sharing the data with key stakeholders.
  • Completed the project with a detailed insights report compiled using the data captured in surveys, participants interaction in the Teams channel, stakeholder feedback and knowledge gathered from our experiences during the programme.


Elaine Hayes, Group Talent Manager