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Confidently extend the reach of your internal learning programmes globally with Scale by Logicearth.

Scale internal programmes efficiently and cost effectively for virtual delivery using our managed end to end service designing learning experiences for large global audiences.

Blended virtual learning

With Logicearth Scale, you can make a smooth transition to the world of blended virtual learning.


Global Reach

Broaden and strengthen the reach of your learning programmes; reduce traditional classroom capacity barriers.

Deploy concurrent learning programmes that reach mass audiences while ensuring quality and learner engagement.

Managed End to End Development Service

Safely outsource the whole process, and we will take care of the learning design, development, delivery and analysis of your internal learning programmes, ensuring that they reach all who need them. It is a far more effective means of making an impact on a global virtual audience than either traditional classroom training or standalone eLearning. We use the best virtual delivery tools, methods and skills matched with smart content and a no-fuss design and development process.


A proven process

How do we do it? We use the best virtual delivery tools, methods and skills that are out there, and marry this with smart content and a no-fuss, end-to-end design and development process.

Working with your subject matter expert, we drill down to specific learning outcomes and then design and build both the virtual classroom content and the blended learning activities around these outcomes. We train the trainers and we build the experience: coordinating and co-facilitating the events, mentoring your team, gathering the data, analysing the results, and adapting the delivery process from pilot to enterprise-wide.

Features of Scale

  • End to end managed service
  • Adaptable learning curriculum designed specifically for virtual deployment and delivery
  • Modularised learning content for more focused learning and knowledge retention
  • Virtual programmes are delivered by expert facilitators in the virtual world
  • Detailed strong analytics that match your reporting needs
  • Integrated continual improvement process to ensure the future success of your virtual learning environment

Benefits of Scale

  • Adapt confidently to the changing learning needs of today's digital workplace.
  • Scale up your internal training while ensuring quality and learner engagement.
  • Establish a thriving virtual learning culture in your organisation.
  • See the results of this data-driven learning design verified by analytics.
  • Localise the learning content where required.
  • Reduce travel time and expenses while lowering your organisation’s carbon footprint .
  • Move beyond attendance reports with in-depth learner engagement monitoring and knowledge retention analytics.
  • Increase the transfer of knowledge through engaging, multi-modal content.
  • Seamlessly integrate learning within the flow of the learner’s day.
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Develop a global virtual learning culture throughout your organisation with Logicearth Scale

Get a free consultation now and see how we can help you deliver successful virtual programs.