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How are your sales agents really performing?

A sales force can be a difficult demographic to each. They are typically geographically dispersed, working individually, and laser focussed on the job at hand – trying to sell!

They rarely have time or opportunity for training, so it is vital that content, when they do get it, is both relevant to them and has a measurable impact on your bottom line.


Teach on Mars worked with one of the world’s leading luxury luggage brands, who were rapidly expanding their network over more than 20 countries. They were also facing the challenge of adapting their cultures and values to a fast changing retail environment - a tricky one for a brand established over 100 years.


Their Client Experience team needed to rapidly align the competencies and behaviours of a diverse audience of over 700 Client Advisors. This was high stakes challenge, so it was vital to get the content right, and make sure it met each learner’s individual needs. The training also had address operational performance issues and show an impact on business KPIs, so analytics and measurement were key.

THE Solution

Using Teach on Mars enabled the Client Experience team to deploy a fully featured and branded mobile learning solution within 4 months of project launch. This included over 75 minutes of bespoke content, in 7 different languages, to meet the needs of their international workforce.

However, the real impact came through the analytics that the platform provided. Teach on Mars allowed managers to measure competencies in a non-threatening way and identify where advisors needed to develop, as well as where their strengths lay. This enabled personalised face to face training and coaching to be deployed in a highly targeted and cost effective manner. It also allowed the mapping of training completion and performance against sales performance to further show impact and identify opportunities for intervention

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Following a successful 12 month deployment to the sales force, Teach on Mars will now form the backbone of key new sales initiatives, a clienteling application, and the client’s first ever customisation package.


These deployments will further empower Client Advisors to create more value for the brand’s existing clients and generate new revenue streams, while providing valuable real-time analytics on their use.

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