The first month in your organisation is a crucial time for new employees. Not only do you want them to be operational as quickly as possible, but also to show them that they have made the right choice in coming to work for you, that their expectations of your culture and values are justified. However, missteps during this time can lead to unnecessary and expensive churn, with research from Gallup showing that 20% of new hires resign within the first 45 days.


Recognising this, a major global organisation specialising in infrastructure, energy and digital transformation, with over 77,000 staff worldwide, decided to use Teach on Mars to provide an onboarding experience that was human and engaging, as well as showcasing contemporary design and user experience techniques.


Their internal training academy needed more efficient way of reaching new hires, aligned with the company’s brand and mission. They wanted new staff to be given a thorough understanding of the people, culture and corporate DNA of the organisation, but the solution also had to reflect the radical internal digital transformation taking place. It had to be modern, easily accessible and highly engaging.

THE Solution

In order to meet this need, a bespoke mobile app was developed using the Teach on Mars platform.

This featured:

  • Consumer grade mobile learning courses, developed in collaboration with the academy team
  • Engaging and motivating gamified activities
  • Online and offline learning
  • Support for face to face activity
  • A self-paced approach to support a busy onboarding schedule

Teach on Mars’ mobile first approach meant that all new staff had their onboarding material with them, in their pocket, when they needed it most or had time to genuinely engage with it.

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This solution has now been in use across 90 countries for over 2 and half years, leading to significant improvements in both completion and retention over the previous onboarding programmes.

For a decentralised global organisation such as this, with high expectations from its employees, Teach on Mars has been the perfect way to get people up to speed and into work, fast.

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