Recently, learning technology has changed dramatically and the pace does not seem to be slowing down.  This transformation has enabled us to think differently and to create new learning services for our organisations and teams.  

The ability to harness the positive impact of new learning technologies, content and methods can seem daunting.  There are so many suppliers with claims of their transformational powers.  With the pace of change, there is a fear of technology redundancy.  How do we gain confidence in the choices we make?  We need to make sure that any investment will have an impact over time and will help us to deliver the learning strategy or a successful outcome to a particular problem.   

At Logicearth, we think of the problems you have to solve and the services you need to build.

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Customer Service Digital Transformation Codes of Practice Performance Improvement Customer Training Retail Sales
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Product Training Personal Effectiveness Systems Training Core Values HR Process Commercial Awareness



Assessing and training employees in digital skills results in improved productivity, innovation, agility, and work quality. We explore the impact of digital skills gaps on organisations, how to determine if you have a gap in productivity and collaboration tools skills, and how to improve digital skills across your organisation.

With 5 different learning platforms and direct access to many more, we are the safe place for agnostic advice that is 100% focussed on your technology need.  

Our learning advisors can help:   

  • Describe the latest developments in learning technology and what it means for you  
  • Apply your problems to a variety of technologies, helping you understand both the benefits and pitfalls  
  • Describe the best licensing models to suit your needs over the short, medium and long term  
  • Provide you with a safe place to play with a suite of technologies ensuring alignment to your needs  
  • Advise on how to develop a business case for learning technology spend  
  • Advise on how to migrate from an old platform to new  
  • Practical tips on all things learning technology that help make a big difference

Talk to one of our experienced learning advisors today to see how you can safely unlock the potential of the latest learning technologies to solve your problems.


Learning Experience Platforms

Learning Experience Platforms

As demand for LXP's has grown many providers have improved their offerings. This document reviews the solution capabilities that are available in the evolving learning platform market.



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Learning in the flow of work

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The moment of opportunity for learning development

L&D has a real chance to create genuine value. Budgets are increasing, especially in the digital space, and Learning & Development has the support of executives. Now we are at a crossroads where we have real new opportunity and we need to decide what we're for.


Reducing barriers for organisational learning

We all know that the workplace is changing, people are more mobile and increasingly remote, new talent is hard to find and we need to ensure we can grow from within. This shift has enabled us to become much more ambitious as providers of learning services, to try new techniques and add value like never before.


What CEO's really want from learning development

What has changed since we spoke with Donald Taylor about the 'training ghetto' in 2014? The risk he described - that Learning & Development professionals would be marginalised by failing to adapt - is still very much present.