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Enjoy the freedom of trying and testing new learning technologies and exploring new ideas that align to your business objectives and support your future-focussed strategy .
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Make the best decisions to move forward with confidence

Creative Learning Services

Unique services created for modern organisations

strategic support & insight

Make the best decisions to move forward with confidence

Creative Learning Services

Unique services created for modern organisations

Strategic Support & Insight

Our expert learning consultants bring fresh insight to your learning strategy to deliver impact and value for your business and your learners.

Eoin Mcdonnell
Head of Learning Innovation

Learning Platforms

I’m interested in people and scale. How do we keep human connections alive in a digital environment among thousands of learners? Outside of work, I like to learn new things; last year it was distance running. Now, it’s paper models.


Helen Cassidy

Creative Learning Services

I’m interested in people and why they do things. I enjoy supporting our clients as they progress along the path to a learning solution.


Susan Dumas
Head of Learning Adoption

Support and Insight

I’m all about systems and how they can be used to support learning. Outside the office, the learning theme continues as l deliver adult literacy programmes and study the piano.

Whether you are developing a new strategy, or need to undergo a strategic review, we can help you.

Creative Learning Services

We partner with you to build a highly impactful custom library of contemporary, effective digital learning content services and assets. From knowledge assessments to bespoke learning courses and resources to blended learning programmes – we can help.


Blended learning

Our managed service for blended learning programmes incorporates tailored learning design, curriculum development, deployment, and analytics. Scale your internal programmes for virtual delivery using our managed end-to-end service. We will deliver efficient and cost-effective learning experiences for your large global workforce.

Assess Knowledge Gaps

Get real data on the knowledge gaps within your organisation by running our microlearning rapid scan programme. You can use the results to target learning towards the real problem areas and ensure knowledge levels are high in key areas of your business.


Virtual and Augmented Reality

Harness the power of immersive technologies to create unforgettable experiential learning moments. Prepare your learners for any situation, build empathy by having them walk in another person’s shoes, or let them explore and experiment with equipment before using it for real. We can design a solution for any need.

Content Development Services

Dramatically increase the quality and impact of eLearning design in your organisation. Choose from a wide range of modern, contemporary and highly effective eLearning courses, videos, and other learning assets. Top class instructional and learning experience design will provide your learners with an unforgettable learning experience, ensuring high levels of engagement and knowledge retention. Our crafted process and experience allow us to work across any industry and any area of expertise.


Medical Communications Services

We partner with our clients to offer expert medical writing services including healthcare communications, consultancy services, and patient solutions. Our in-house team of writers, marketers, and designers create medical communications and strategies that deliver positive outcomes for your clients and add value to your business.


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