Learning doesn't always happen at your desk

Sometimes the very best learning happens when your learners are off the grid - hazardous environments, airplanes, on the factory floor or in retail points of sale. For those learning moments, Teach on Mars is our mobile-first learning platform. Teach on Mars doesn't even need a network connection - content can be downloaded, completed and synched again effortlessly.

who does teach on mars help?


Mobile Sales Staff

  • Reach your sales team on-the-road with timely product updates.
  • Roll out new training in customer demonstrations.
  • Build a community where they share tips on effective sales conversations.


  • Consultants are often travelling and on-site in client-facing events.
  • Keep them up-to-date when explaining your service offering in new sales conversations.
  • They can keep learning with offline features when travelling.


  • Today, you can flexibly grow your team with a global network.
  • Quickly share your learning app to onboard them onto company procedures and explain your company culture.
  • Get them into productivity in hours, not days.
  • Rollout technical skills training like R programming easily and globally.

Mobile Engineers

  • Engineers are on-the-road, moving between sites and clients.
  • Use your mobile app to serve content like audio podcasts to use while on-the-move and videos to update processes like new hardware installations.


  • Your customers are your most important remote learner!.
  • Build brand advocates with deeper knowledge of your product and your industry.

Retail staff

  • Your retail staff are on-the-floor engaging with customers to present your brand.
  • Use a mobile learning app that recognises new products to launch learning right there on the shop floor.
  • Use shorter learning formats to increase engagement.
  • Show real cost-effectiveness when replacing face-to-face training.

New hires

  • Your new talent is already learning about you; your cultures and values and digital presence.
  • Enable them and motivate them by sharing your mobile onboarding app in a pre-boarding initiative.
  • As soon as the offer is accepted, your Talent team delivers rich learning content right to that new hire’s device.
  • Make them feel welcome before they even set foot in the office.


  • Today, everyone is a mobile learner.
  • We carry our devices with us as personal companions around our offices and meeting rooms. We watch videos in shared areas and collaborate online from anywhere in any building.
  • We all learn on the move!

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