The strength and openness of an organisation’s learning culture has moved into the spotlight when looking for ways to increase profit and meet business goals. Organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the link between a vibrant, high-impact learning culture and an innovative workforce, able to quickly adapt to industry needs.

The ability to honestly and accurately examine the health of a learning culture – from top to bottom – becomes a key function. Recent reports suggest that identifying ways to build a learning culture continues to be a major challenge for L&D.

Like any attempts to effect culture change within an organisation, a holistic and long-term approach is usually the most effective. Any efforts should be practical and sustainable, but there’s room for innovation too.




Assessing and training employees in digital skills results in improved productivity, innovation, agility, and work quality. We explore the impact of digital skills gaps on organisations, how to determine if you have a gap in productivity and collaboration tools skills, and how to improve digital skills across your organisation.

We can help you develop the learning culture within your organisation so that it becomes a key contributor to growth and innovation. This in turn could transform your business into one which can change and adapt to changing needs of your industry.

We can offer help with:

  • Your understanding of a learning culture and how you can help shape it
  • Assessing the perceived value of learning among your workforce
  • Evaluating the existing learning opportunities in your organisation
  • Supporting efforts to elevate the culture of learning within your leadership team
  • Aligning talent with business objective through learning
  • Practical tips on small changes that help change perceptions
  • Using tools and technology to encourage an innovative and open learning culture
  • Demonstrating a learning culture that delivers for business

Talk to one of our experienced learning advisors today to see how you can unlock the potential of your workforce through a learning culture that is dynamic and proactive.


Learning Experience Platforms

Learning Experience Platforms

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