With over 25,000 employees based across 130 sites in 27 countries, Kerry have grown from its modest beginnings in Ireland to become the industry's leading provider of technology-based ingredients and solutions for all sectors of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical markets. Industry-leading technologies, backed by robust in-house processing capabilities, allow them to apply its expertise to various manufacturing challenges and ultimately, help customers design winning consumer products.

"For the past few years, we have been undertaking the rollout of a highly-integrated, cross-functional IT solution across our 25,000-strong organisation."

Patrick Martin, ICT Director Kerry Group 


The initial challenge for any successful e-learning project is managing the distillation of knowledge from SMEs and funnelling it into a framework that will facilitate good digital content for learners. We created lasting partnerships with Kerry SMEs around their busy schedules, across several time zones and on different continents, always striving to make the process as simple and rewarding as possible.

Co-ordinating an effort on this scale requires a structured and lean process that engenders consistency throughout and from all involved. Establishing regular updates to focus on high-level progress and challenges was a crucial part of the project’s success. Our ability to accurately schedule the workflow, from outline to translation, played an integral role for the client, who were facing global deployment deadlines.

"We worked with Logicearth to develop an eLearning curriculum to provide foundational knowledge of key concepts and behavioural changes in advance of practical classroom training."

Patrick Martin, ICT Director Kerry Group

"We targeted 32 different topics for treatment and, in collaboration with Logicearth's project managers, instructional designers and graphic development team, developed engaging, contemporary eLearning for each one in 4 different languages."

Patrick Martin, ICT Director Kerry Group


Collaborating with multiple departments on a broad range of subjects, translated into four different languages, Logicearth designed a series of courses that would provide a consistent visual experience for learners, but contain enough diversity to ensure the material resonates with the end users.

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The material has provided Kerry with accelerated time to competence on a number of critical tasks.


It has driven the consumption of eLearning significantly higher in the regions in which it has been deployed.


Close to 10,000 completions of the modules.


Kerry are now using the material within additional curricula for onboarding, competency assessment and task transfer.