How to be a leader in the digital age


Many organisations face a business environment disrupted by rapid market change. As the business context changes, organisations need new leadership development competencies to keep pace and succeed.

Distrupted by rapid market change

of organisations are looking to develop leaders who will create and empower teams

of organisations have changed/created/plan to change their leadership competencies in the next year

The minimum goals expected of a business leader in 2019

  • 1

    Build and lead a successful team

  • 2

    Create a successful business execution culture

  • 3

    Become an emotionally intelligent leader

  • 4

    Develop successful coaching relationships

  • 5

    Lead through problem solving and decision making

  • 6

    Strive as an Agile leader

  • 7

    Embrace innovation

  • 8

    Developing internal talent

  • 9

    Ensure diversity

  • 10

    Lead through a shared vision

of organisations have employees assuming leadership roles without formal designations

of organisations aren’t developing leadership skills from their non leader base

To achieve these goals there is a specific skill set required to be a leader in this digital age:

  • Agile Mindset

  • Design Thinking

  • Virtual Collaboration Expert

  • Computational thinking

  • New Media Literate

  • Cross Functional Dexterity

  • Team based orientation

  • Analytical/Data-Driven Mindset

  • Customer Centric Orientation

  • Passion for Continuous Learning

Only 6% of todays organisations have a digital transformation model and have implemented it

are just getting started adjusting their leadership competencies


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