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Learning & Development teams, like every other business unit, want to make a real impact and continuously improve the services they offer their business. However, change can be difficult. Logicearth Learning Services understands the challenges faced by L&D and helps to make change easy with its team of passionate learning advisors and a portfolio of services to match.


Classroom training can be a drain on budgets, resources and time. From Microsoft to Presentation Skills, Leadership Development to Certified IT Software Programs there are now digital learning alternatives that offer an equal, if not better than generic classroom learning experience for the learners. Blended learning programmes can combine digital learning with virtual classroom sessions or simply empower your learners to take control of their own learning with a comprehensive catalogue of off the shelf digital learning courses that can be assigned or chosen depending on your needs.

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How can I deliver our internal training programmes to a global audience with a limited travel budget?

The Online Virtual Classroom is an excellent alternative way to deliver training to globally dispersed audiences. Ensuring that the training delivered through the virtual classroom is engaging, meaningful and impactful, can be challenging. Designing a successful learning experience is dependent on the learning assets used, the skills of the online facilitators and how the learning initiative is communicated and presented to the learners.

Logicearth have developed Scale to help organisations deliver results in the virtual world.

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By implementing an asset-based approach to the development of eLearning, an organisation can stay in control of both the cost and time to produce a suite of digital learning resources. Choosing from a range of short and impactful, high-quality deliverables – video, animation, SCORM, html5, interactions, presentations, campaigns, microcontent, scenarios – all designed via an agile development process, will allow you to scale, repurpose and quickly respond to business needs. An experience content development partner will manage the process, and all its stakeholders, adding acumen and value. It will do this to suit your budget, grow the solution as you need it, and provide your learners with the very best learning experience, efficiently and cost-effectively.

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The jump from developing traditional online learning to embracing a whole new approach of delivering timely targeted learning interventions over a period of time, can be a big one. It’s very possible for this transition to be smooth, informed and hugely successful, rather than a hopeful leap of faith. What’s clear are the huge benefits of microlearning, so take the time to get a good understanding of what microlearning is and to what extent you could deploy it throughout your organisation.

With a pure Microlearning solution, you can do away with courses and target learners with bursts of personalised learning, developed quickly and cost-effectively. Identify knowledge gaps from powerful analytics that enable you to make data-driven decisions on where your budget needs to focus and where intervention is needed to drive performance.

Give your new microlearning strategy the best chance of success with pre-rollout campaigns, email themes, corporate messaging and other collateral resources that help drive culture change.

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How can I deliver Compliance easily?

We understand that compliance training can be a challenge. To business leaders, compliance training can be an overly-long distraction from billable work. To learners, compliance content is rarely viewed as relevant to them. To audit and legal teams, compliance training is an essential record to manage risk. To L&D leaders, the challenging is to make it short, relevant and still confidently state to the CEO that the company is covered. Online modules that are ready-to-go, customizable to any organisation and engaging to learners solve this challenge for you.

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How can I improve the impact, diversity and scale of my blended training programmes?

Blended training programmes are the ideal solution for organisations who need to share learning content in a variety of different ways with  globally dispersed audiences, however developing blended training programmes that have the desired impact is challenging. Content needs to be adapted to suit the delivery method being used to share it – whether that be through a virtual classroom, traditional classroom, micro learning modules; digital learning modules ; self-study exercises or collaborative learning groups.   Facilitators must be upskilled in virtual delivery methods and managing and supporting a global audience; the platform to support the programmes must be chosen carefully to ensure a good fit with existing tools and platforms within the organisation. Finally the impact of the training programme should be monitored and measured as part of a continuous improvement process.

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How can I quickly carry out a skills assessment across my organisation?

The ability to quickly carry out an accurate skills assessment across a team, or indeed, an entire organisation, is regarded by many in L&D as a luxury item. However, it can now be one of the staple tools in your L&D toolkit. Choose the areas of knowledge or skills you wish to assess, and watch as a suite of short, engaging activities is quickly created. Roll out these micro checks to a pilot group, a team, a department or a complete employee base, via an easy-to-use app platform. Smart algorithms will build individual learner profiles, giving you hard, fast data on where your learners’ competencies really lie. A fast, low-cost service, that you can utilise again and again.

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