Carnival CSMART – Augmented Reality Oily Water Separator Training



Carnival employs over 120,000 people worldwide and operates 9 cruise line brands with a fleet of over 100 ships. They operate under strict environmental regulation, and it is vital that all crew are aware of their roles and responsibilities in running a safe, clean ship.


The Oily Water Separator (OWS) ensures that the oil content of the water being discharged overboard is at the correct level. Proper usage and maintenance of this equipment is critical and it needs to be understood by crew who do not necessarily have an engineering background.

Carnival needed an experience that could be used by engineers as well as visitors to their CSMART Academy training centre, the Center for Simulator Maritime Training. Ideally, the learning resource would allow users to see the inner workings of the OWS system in detail, and to experience the machinery in action.

THE Solution

Using a combination of augmented reality (AR) and 3D modelling and animation, we created an experience accessed via an app. Users hold up their device to markers to trigger the experience and learn more about how the system operates.

  • The AR is overlaid on the physical system at CSMART headquarters in Amsterdam, showing the interior of the system, and how oil and water flow through it
  • A 3D model provides further information on how the OWS integrates with the ship’s other systems
  • A ‘challenge’ mode tests the user’s understanding of the system and knowledge of its key components
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The experience was successful deployed in CSMART to hugely positive feedback from tutors and students.
Yesterday I introduced the new tool to our participants, the average result was: WOOOW!!!

Massimiliano Bei, Environmental Instructor


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