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A digital learning and engagement platform that will unleash the potential of your staff and your organisation.

L&D Evolve

L&D Evolve

Alternative LMS - learning technology and content ecosystem.

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Enterprise eLearning

Enterprise eLearning Content Services

From multi-device courses to partial outsourcing.

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Smart eLearning Libraries

SMART eLearning Libraries

Off-the-shelf eLearning mapped to your business needs.

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Learning Technology

Learning Technologies

Expert guidance on the latest learning technologies.

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Out with the old world learning, in with the digital new world.

Imagine a revolution where people can access all they need to learn – any time, any place. They can use whatever device is to hand, and get exactly what they need in the format they need it. And why not? Information is already in the air around us, like so many apples just waiting to be plucked.

None of us need be alone, trying to figure out how to be good at our jobs – help is always there, within easy reach. This is the new transformative world – the digital learning revolution. In the old world, knowledge was inside the head of those who taught us; they would write it down, not always interestingly. You had to ask for this knowledge in a certain way, and follow the rules to unlock its meaning.

But now we are all the wise ones, we all have knowledge to share. Our collective wisdom drives success – as long as we work together to drive this digital learning revolution.

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"Logicearth have provided services to Allstate since 2010. In that time, the depth of their expertise, their flexibility and their ‘can do’ attitude has made a big impact on our business and our staff. Logicearth provide a broad range of modern learning services without ignoring the benefits of face-to-face engagements."
Dwyer Gorman - Training Manager - Allstate


Recently re-branded as eir (changing from eircom, Sept 2015), eir Business offers communications solutions for businesses, whatever the size. They help enterprises use IT to achieve strategic advantage. eir Business communications and cloud solutions are designed to support organisations to control costs and improve business agility

We’ve been creating custom, multi-device html5 e-learning content for well-known brands thoughout America, Europe and the UK since 2010


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