Free eLearning Resources

Getting started with eLearning

Use our eLearning template and answer 10 questions at the start of each eLearning project to increase your chance of eLearning success. Whether you are new to eLearning or want to improve your eLearning, this template will help you to work better with all project stakeholders, including Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), internal project sponsors and external providers.

30 quick wins for lasting L&D success

Do you want to lead the charge with modernising how your staff learn and perform in the workplace? Are you fed-up with constant criticism of the L&D function? This short booklet provides 30 ideas to help L&D teams with quick wins and lasting changes to drive business success.

Demystify learning technology and boost staff engagement: 10 research-based infographics

Do you know how to get the most from your LMS provider, or would you like some creative ideas on how to better engage your staff using eLearning? Download our bundle of 10 infographics to address these areas and more - including a summary of how we learn, how mobile devices are changing the way we work, quick ideas to improve how you train and support staff, research insights into employee engagement and the role of managers, and uncover the secrets of a successful L&D/training manager.

7 essential design principles for brain-friendly learning

Do you know what helps people to learn more effectively? Try our 7 design principles to make it easier to engage and enthral your staff. From capturing our reducing attention spans, to presenting information in the best way that our brain can handle, to ideas for hands-on practice, see what works and what doesn’t through examples and insights.