Current events

We are currently compiling our new list of webinars for early 2017. Please check back again soon. Our webinar topics will cover:

How to create or commission high quality digital learning content to engage your staff and boost your business

Advanced digital content techniques: learning games, interactive video and scenarios

Our love of storytelling - how learning really happens

What or how do modern organisations really want their staff to learn?

The role of L&D in ever changing economic times

Learning technologies – what are they and how to get the best from them

eLearning authoring tools 101 – where are we with html5 authoring

Past events

The L&D Clinic: Send the experts your challenges

WEBINAR: Thursday 20th October 2016 | 3pm UK/Ireland (10am EDT)

The challenges in L&D are much talked-about, seldom resolved. Staff engagement, dealing with business change, developing leaders, supporting talent development, making an impact on the business … all of these and other challenges are put on the plate of L&D teams that are hard-pressed to deliver quantifiable results.

Do you work in L&D, training or talent management? Then join us for a dynamic discussion with a leading L&D and talent manager who has successfully delivered on the L&D promise.

Before the webinar, we encourage you to email us your own challenges, which we will address on the webinar.

How low can you go: time to raise the bar in eLearning content design

WEBINAR: Thursday 28th July 2016 | 3pm UK/Ireland (10am EDT)

Sparked by this blog, Logicearth believes that it is time to raise the bar when it comes to eLearning content design. What is the minimum standard of eLearning you should accept and how do you make sure you your organisation achieves this?

So join us for a dynamic discussion and practical insights into what modern eLearning content should look like. From multi-device as standard, realistic scenarios to intelligent and engaging use of rich media elements, it is time to remove the dread factor from eLearning content, now and forever!

The LMS the way it should have been: L&D Evolve

WEBINAR: Tuesday 28th June 2016 | 3pm UK/Ireland (10am EDT)

L&D Evolve is our unique alternative to an LMS. It is a learning technology ecosystem with everything you need to boost your L&D service now and into the future. It's content, technology and support and will get you up and running in a matter of days. Whether you have tried eLearning before or you need a boost, L&D Evolve is packed full of ready-to-go content, communities of practice and learning tools that will keep your staff engaged and performing at the top of their game. In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • What staff really want from an online learning portal
  • A surprisingly easy way to rollout an online learning portal to your staff
  • A proven action plan for L&D success to support your staff

How to play the right games: move over gamification!

WEBINAR: Thursday 23rd June 2016 | 3pm Uk/Ireland (10am EDT)

To date, gamification has not quite hit the mark, but we know that well-designed learning games engage us in a way that outstrips many other forms of training.

Join us for a discussion on good game design and a demo of Spar wars, a recent recipient of a CIPD L&D award (2015).

High impact, low cost training strategies to engage your IT staff

WEBINAR: Thursday 12th May 2016 | 3pm UK/Ireland (10am EDT)

If you are a provider of outsourced IT services or a company with a large IT team, you are probably struggling with two big problems right now:

  1. Staff who are disengaged or undertrained for their role
  2. Managers who are good technically but aren’t so good actually managing