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Getting to grips

There is a bewildering choice of learning technologies out there, so let us take the bewilderment out of it and guide you in choosing. We’ll help you get to grips with all that’s new, including virtual reality, personalisation and user-generated content.

Technology evolves around the latest thinking on learning. We are pioneering thinkers in the industry, and live and breathe learning technologies, with a vast network of expertise to draw upon. We understand the trends, what’s being used now, what’s coming next, and what’s most likely to stick.

We’ve found that what works best is an overall ‘ecosystem’ of tools, content and support, delivered in a single package or built step-by-step. And that’s what we can offer you. We will only ever suggest a technology for your business if it’s a perfect fit.


So which learning technologies do you need? Have a look at just some of the options we can offer you

  • LMS/TMS: Manage and support your learning and training requirements from a central portal
  • Gamification: Learn through game-like experiences using badges, points, rewards and leader boards
  • Social learning tools: Learn by sharing ideas and experiences through a single tool that can be accessed by all of your staff
  • User generated content (UGC) tools: Support your staff to create, share and review content for each other
  • HTML5 authoring tools: Create and publish eLearning content that can be viewed on multiple devices
  • Learning app: View content offline, on-the-move, or via mobile devices
  • Virtual classroom tool: Create, view (and save) live, online and recorded interactive presentations
  • Smartbook Get instant behavioural feedback on each student, in real time as part of your classroom sessions
  • Virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR) tools: Learn by immersing yourself in hyper-real scenarios
  • Internet Repository: Make it easy for staff to find and update essential company information
  • Supporting communication tools: Boost your ecosystem with hundreds of plugins, such as instant messaging, text messaging, video messaging

Let us demystify your technology option.

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