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Seeking an efficient, cost-effective way to train your staff?

L&D Evolve

Our all-in-one solution combines content + technology + support

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L&D Evolve

Let us revolutionise your training while you strategise

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 L&D Evolve

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With L&D Evolve you get learningCloud, a suite of learning technology products created by our software partner, Netex. Learner-centric and with a clean, fresh design, learningCloud includes (among other things):

L%D Evolve

An LMS with rich learning and training management functionality

L%D Evolve

A learning content development tool producing multi-device, mobile-responsive content

L%D Evolve

A social learning layer for your staff to share knowledge, skills and experiences

L%D Evolve

A cloud-based content delivery platform

L%D Evolve

A learning app (IOS and Android), so content can be accessed offline and on-the-move

L&D Evolve

Your Journey

As an L&D professional, you are on a journey. You may have already started with learning technologies and eLearning content, or you may just be thinking about them. Either way, we are here to make it easy for you.

What would success look like, for you? If it’s your staff being able to access content and support on demand, while you focus on business priorities, we can get you there.

How? Through the rich and engaging learning technology and content ecosystem that is L&D Evolve. We aren’t much given to hype, but with this product we feel like shouting from the rooftops.

In just 10 days you'll be up and running, with the right fit of technology, support and content. We’ll use the consultancy time to determine the content strategy and configure the platform accordingly. And we’ll work with you to promote the new service internally.

L&D Evolve is both evolutionary and revolutionary. Evolutionary because it incorporates traditional methods of learning and training management – you’ll still have an LMS with a package of eLearning courses. And revolutionary because it moves towards an app-based learning ecosystem that is gamified, social, and future-proofed. When it comes to learning apps that are right for your business, if you can dream it, we’ll build it.

Using standard SCORM as well as the latest Tin Can (Xapi) and LTI (learning tools interoperability) standards, L&D Evolve is a perfect mix of what’s current and what’s emerging.

But that’s the technology. This is about you. Let’s discuss what would be right for your business and learning needs.

L%D Evolve

10 days' consultancy to get you started (5 setup, 5 learning strategy)

L%D Evolve

10 ready-to-use eLearning courses (such as Data protection, Office health and safety)

"Logicearth ensured that we focussed on producing a message that was effective, impactful, direct and clear for all air staff at all levels to digest. An exercise on this scale was a first for us - all staff receiving the same training and key messages at once. We couldn’t have delivered this training without using this type of eLearning approach within the demanding time frame required."
Simon Tuite, programme director at eir

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