Who are eir?

eir Business (formerly eircom Business) offers communications solutions for businesses of all sizes. Employing over 5000 people, mainly in Dublin, it helps these businesses control costs and improve business agility.


What was the challenge?

It was a huge administrative effort for the L&D team at eir Business to support the previous training programme. There were over 200 sales employees, all being trained and certified through an 18-month-long, labour-intensive, paper-based performance development process. The process was inflexible; sales staff had to complete all of their training in a classroom, which took them away from productive selling for too long.

What did Logicearth do to help?

eir Business needed a more flexible and modern approach, one that would develop high-performing sales professionals and give ownership to the sales staff and their managers while maintaining the values and dynamics of eir.

‘My Learning Lab’ is a new part of the eir Business learning portal. It enables the company’s sales staff to be more efficient, more effective – and ultimately make more sales.

Logicearth introduced blended learning programmes for induction, regulatory compliance and core product testing, followed by a series of innovative activities related to performance reviews. Performance reviews allow managers to assess on-the-job competencies – facilitation of these through a Learning Management System is a feature unique to this solution and industry.

Eir Right

What results did eir Business get?

  • Salespeople have more flexible learning options to keep them learning 'on the job'.
  • Salespeople start selling sooner.
  • L&D staff have less admin work and more time to focus on value-adds.
  • Costs have been reduced and less time is wasted (e.g. on sourcing classroom courses and doing paperwork).
  • There are now easily accessible Key Performance Indicators to chart the progress of the sales certification process

"Working closely with Logicearth, eir Business wanted to reinforce their commitment to quality by providing uniform methods of knowledge delivery and management for on-demand solutions. 'My Learning Lab' is a secure online portal for eir Business staff for internal learning & development. It has the ability to track a learner’s development path, verification (testing) of a learner's progress and features to create individual training plans specific to an employee's needs delivered in a highly engaging and interactive format. It allows motivated learners to increase their skill set and their value to eir Business as and when the need it. The new tool has really delivered on our agreed business objectives – freeing our L&D team from laborious administrative duties so that they can help sales staff and team leads to better support learning. Our sales staff seem re-energised in their roles and there is great excitement within the sales team with this new approach, which is so good to see."

Nicola Stewart, Head of L&D for eir Business

What does the solution look like?

The key deliverable was a modern, flexible sales training and performance assessment tool, using leading-edge learning technologies and techniques to automate what was a complex, manual, paper-driven process.

The tool is designed to offer better flexibility and support for sales staff and reduce the involvement of L&D in administrative duties.

What will Logicearth do next for eir Business?

Logicearth will work in partnership with eir Business to deliver a series of modern, engaging eLearning resources to support sales staff and other eir Business staff in improving business performance.