Coca Cola Enterprises

Digital Champions Programme

Who are Coca-Cola Enterprises?

Coca-Cola Enterprises makes and sells soft drinks in the UK, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Monaco, The Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

The Digital Citizenship Challenge?

Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE), like many manufacturing companies, has been going through a modernisation programme. This includes up-skilling its staff in modern digital skills. CCE wanted to empower production line workers across their seven European sites to better adopt IT in their work lives and at home. The company, particularly keen to encourage transferrable skills outside the workplace wanted to create a Digital Champions Programme to help them achieve this.

The challenge was logistical and cultural; delivery of a homogenous training support programme across seven Europe countries taking into account cultures and a range of international languages.

To reach staff across the UK, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and to inspire them to embrace IT skills at work and home was going to be a challenge.

Digital Champions Programme

What we did to help

We started with the design of the training support materials. We designed a short, focussed Digital Champions training booklet for production workers to use as a companion guide and for on-going practice. We also sourced trainers in each of the seven countries who understood local culture, language and workplace practices.

We provided a briefing for all of the trainers and asked them to:

  • Focus on encouraging people to try out the new skills
  • Foster a culture of not worrying about making mistakes
  • Make it fun, engaging and sell the benefits of IT skills both inside the workplace and in their home/family lives
  • Get people talking about IT skills and sharing their successes
Digital Champions Programme

By helping the production workers see the benefits of IT skills outside work too, it provided helpful motivation to learn. In the training booklet, we included activities that they could complete with their families e.g. find an image of a well-known celebrity, book cinema tickets, look up prices of certain clothes.

Our trainers delivered two days training based on the structure provided in our Digital Champions training booklet. Follow up was by way of completing the additional practice activities in the booklet and provision of email support. By providing email support, this also encourage the production workers to get used to using new electronic ways of communicating in the workplace.

By the end of the training, the production workers were better equipped to, for example, complete their expenses online, look up shared production schedules and access the company Intranet for on-going company communication.

What did Coca-Cola Enterprises think of our work?

I worked with Logicearth on a number of European wide projects to deliver learning support across our organisation. In each and every case, the team was responsive, flexible and above all listened to what our business needed. They didn't try to sell me 'their solution' – instead they focused on understanding my business and the learning needs of our staff. Each project was delivered either on time or before and well within budget. Logicearth understand the learning needs of the modern employee, and are able to bring innovative and leading edge learning interventions to life. In one of the projects, we saved at least 40% on the original projected costs based on ideas that the Logicearth team came up with. The delivered content was well received and has helped to transform the way the organisation deploys large scale change projects involving IT systems.

Head of Learning and Development

What else have we done for Coca-Cola Enterprises?

We created a series of short screen cast videos narrated in both English and French to teach staff how to use a new expenses system. Logicearth is also developing live online training for the company's Project Managers across Europe.