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At Logicearth, we live and breathe modern learning technology. We love to take the latest LMS or digital content tool out for a test drive and keep up with exciting new developments in gamification, virtual reality and 3-D immersive simulation. But we are practical people at heart – we don’t give in easily to the hype. We are early experimenters and take time to look at all of the options for our clients.

So cue the gamification question...

In 2012, gamification was at its biggest hype. We wrote about the gamification journey here for the Learning Solutions Magazine.

In 2012, we advised clients not to invest too heavily - but instead to focus on creating good content and making learning tools available to support on-demand learning. Many of our clients thanked us for that advice a couple of years later!

When do you leap with modern learning technology?

We recognise that if you are just getting to grips with modern learning technology and what it can do for your business, it can be a daunting prospect. With this in mind, we have created this short round-up post on the latest thinking on modern learning technologies and digital learning content. 

1. Why a learning technology ecosystem is more about mind-set than tech

This post explains what a learning technology ecosystem is and how a strategically planned approach to modern learning technology could benefit your business.

Our take is - when you buy tools, or work on processes that support learning and talent development in your organisation, these should have some basis in strategy. Ask yourself - what is the future you want to get to?

Bear in mind - investing in learning technologies and a learning strategy pays off:
(Brandon Hall Group eLearning Market Trends For 2016)

  • Profit increase: Nearly half of respondents had at least a 10% increase once they had an effective learning  strategy in place
  • Productivity and engagement increase: 53% saw an increase of at least 10% in both productivity and engagement
  • Cost reduction: for a quarter of respondents, costs dropped 10% or more


2. Five big trends to watch for the next five years

From Dr Karl Kapp, ATD: Karl talks about micro learning, gamification, social learning, adaptive learning and immersive learning.

It seems that the future of learning content is fun, short and focused and designed to suit you!


3. Continuing update of emerging learning technology trends

From eLearning, eLearning (Chris Papas)

This is a great page to keep returning to so you can see updated views on what is hot and what is not!

4. The Gartner hype cycle, 2105 (2016 due soon)

Big data is out, machine learning is in – it seems that we want our computers to make sense of all that data for us rather than just merely present it in nice reports.

There is a good set of predictions here for 2016.

Great insight into gamification – says it is hard to say if this is overhyped or not, as no-one has done real gamification in eLearning yet!

5. Learning technologies – the hype and the happening

From UK Learning Technologies conference, 2016 – a panel of US and UK gurus discuss:

  • What technologies are on the verge of impacting workplace learning?
  • Which technologies will jump ‘the chasm’ from innovation to adoption?
  • Will haptic and other remote technologies ever move mainstream?
  • Will general business applications like 3D-printing have a learning role?
  • Are virtual worlds about to find their niche and prove their value?

6. Learning technologies: proceed with caution

Great insights from Marc Rosenberg – picking a learning technology is no guarantee of success; you still need a learning strategy. Marc says that technology is not a strategy and that technology is an enabler. You need to look at what business improvements you could make using technology - and that is your strategy. We couldn’t agree more Marc!

7. Technology vision, 2016

From Accenture; their view of trends in workplace technology.

This focusses on intelligent automation, supporting a fluid workforce, rise of new digital platforms to support new business models and digital disruption with fast-emerging but predictable digital ecosystems that we can monitor and take advantage of.

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