Born to Learn

Born to learn

We are all born to learn. Logicearth publishes between 2 to 4 blogs per week and we love to hear how you learn in the workplace. We'll keep you updated on the latest developments in learning technology, brain science and organisational development.

Future support roles for L&D: the remote worker

Remoteworkers This is a different kind of a blog from us today. Perhaps driven by all the change in the recent US and UK political elections, there is an air of uncertainty...
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Five popular myths about training that need to be ignored

goodadvice This blog is in response to a recent series of conversations I've had with friends, colleagues and clients. There is still a need for a radical shift in how we...
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Should you give your L&D clients what they want or what they need?

Risk profile  Should we risk-profile our L&D and eLearning clients? I received some information on investments recently from my Financial Advisor, which was accompanied by a Risk Assessment Form. I was asked...
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5 ways to keep boosting your learning power

how to boost learning "As of next month, everyone must be able to recite the Greek alphabet in reverse." OK, so that might not exactly be the next rule you need to comply with,...
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How the best managers support talent and performance

micropraise        I recently re-read the well-known management book, First Break All the Rules.... First, Break All the Rules - what the World's Greatest Managers Do Differently (1999), is...
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