Born to Learn

Born to learn

We are all born to learn. Logicearth publishes between 2 to 4 blogs per week and we love to hear how you learn in the workplace. We'll keep you updated on the latest developments in learning technology, brain science and organisational development.

What would you put in eLearning room 101?

eLearning Room 101 This blog isn’t my idea. It’s someone else’s idea. It’s a good idea. ‘Which aspects of eLearning would you put in Room 101?’ she asked. She is the cat’s mother....
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End procrastination and improve productivity with digital learning

Digital procrastination Technology is moving forward faster than ever before - and that's not an exaggeration. According to Moore’s law, processor output doubles every two years. Since computer power is the driving...
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Confessions of an eLearning project manager

eLearning projects Managing eLearning projects can be hard work. As an eLearning project manager (PM), I confess there has been more than once I’ve thought of running for the hills, leaving my...
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Creating digital content - 11 tips for looking good on camera

Create your own video  With video equipment becoming cheaper and easier to use, we are seeing more and more video content becoming a core part of most digital learning resources. I’ve been using video...
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Future of digital learning: chatbots and artificial intelligence

AI As technology advances, so does its application to new ideas and tasks. In the world of digital learning, we are now starting to benefit from the use of artificial intelligence...
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