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We are all born to learn. Logicearth publishes between 2 to 4 blogs per week and we love to hear how you learn in the workplace. We'll keep you updated on the latest developments in learning technology, brain science and organisational development.

Fiona has worked in organisational learning and development since the mid-1990s in variety of training delivery, creative design and management roles. She is passionate about helping people and organisations to grow and develop through the use modern learning technologies and modern digital content.

End procrastination and improve productivity with digital learning

Digital procrastination Technology is moving forward faster than ever before - and that's not an exaggeration. According to Moore’s law, processor output doubles every two years. Since computer power is the driving...
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Creating digital content - 11 tips for looking good on camera

Create your own video  With video equipment becoming cheaper and easier to use, we are seeing more and more video content becoming a core part of most digital learning resources. I’ve been using video...
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Future of digital learning: chatbots and artificial intelligence

AI As technology advances, so does its application to new ideas and tasks. In the world of digital learning, we are now starting to benefit from the use of artificial intelligence...
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You need the digital learning revolution to keep your job

digital learning revolution According to the Oxford Economics Workforce 2020 survey, what we worry about most for our jobs is becoming obsolete. Factor in the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, there is a perfect...
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Why do some organisations still find social learning difficult?

social learning challenges Today's blog is a guest post from Ollie Gardener, Co-founder and CEO of Noddlepod. You can read more about Ollie here. Noddlepod is described as a 'user-focused tool designed to...
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Brexit, Trump and voter disquiet – seven trends impacting businesses in 2017

Business trends for L&D Some of you might find it surprising that a company which provides support services for L&D professionals would write this type of blog post. Being able to keep on top...
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Asking hard questions to vendors at Learning Technologies 2017

logicalnextstepsblog Peter Carlin, our co-founder is attending Learning Technologies 2017. We'll be exhibiting in the Lauchpad Lounge, R1 on Wed 1st February and Thurs 2nd February. Our key theme for the...
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Gratitude, attitude, 7 years old and happy holidays!

Gratitude Humble beginnings Like most businesses, we had humble beginnings. Peter Carlin and Paul McKay are part of the growing band of new entrepreneurs starting their first business in their 40s....
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