Born to Learn

Born to learn

We are all born to learn. Logicearth publishes between 2 to 4 blogs per week and we love to hear how you learn in the workplace. We'll keep you updated on the latest developments in learning technology, brain science and organisational development.

Design tips for non designers - understanding negative space

designtips Bombarded with so many forms of communication these days, it is easy to get overwhelmed. From text messages, to emails to social media and always on news, the constant flooding...
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Brexit, Trump and voter disquiet – seven trends impacting businesses in 2017

Business trends for L&D Some of you might find it surprising that a company which provides support services for L&D professionals would write this type of blog post. Being able to keep on top...
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Medical writing - what is it?

medicalwriter What is medical writing? It’s a question that I commonly encounter when someone asks me what I do for my profession. So when I am asked, ‘So what do you...
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The art of never learning and why it is vital for learning

art of never learning Learning is a complex human activity brought about by various stimuli in the real world. And Learning can be conscious and unconscious, voluntary and involuntary. Now, that is just a...
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Asking hard questions to vendors at Learning Technologies 2017

logicalnextstepsblog Peter Carlin, our co-founder is attending Learning Technologies 2017. We'll be exhibiting in the Lauchpad Lounge, R1 on Wed 1st February and Thurs 2nd February. Our key theme for the...
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Why is modernisation such a challenge for L&D?

BrokenrecordeLearning The case for modernising eLearning or digital content has long since been established. It's our 'broken record' here at Logicearth, that while we all benefit from some fantastic Smartphone/App and...
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Free tools and advice for creating responsive eLearning content

ResponsiveeLearning  In late 2016, research by Statcounter showed that more websites were loaded on smartphones and tablets than on desktop or laptop computers for the first time ever. This milestone is...
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The power of modern instructional design to transform your digital content

How would you describe the role of a modern Instructional Designer (ID)? What exactly is instructional design and why is it important? Historically we have thought of ID as applying learning...
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