About Us

We were formed in 2010 but our story originates even earlier in the New Millennium. Our co-owners Peter and Paul, along with our salesman Patrick, were together at BT after the telecom giant acquired the IT solutions provider BIC Systems. Logicearth’s heritage of understanding complex training requirements took root in this pressured atmosphere of high-end technical training provision and often huge roll-outs – and the spirit of innovation was incubated and later released at Logicearth.

Le Building

Signs of Change

The market was changing, but not everyone was reading the signs. The fragmentation of the learning industry spurred on Peter and Paul to form a company that would offer a full range of services: one that would be a logical choice for businesses to go to; that was down-to-earth, focused on practical application, but that used this grounding in reality as a platform for exploring new territory. And so ‘Logicearth’ was born.


From the word go, Logicearth was doing more than simply placing products – it was having strategic conversations with people at senior levels in large companies. (Nowadays we pride ourselves on cutting through the industry hype to offer our clients calm, trustworthy advice and thought leadership.) We acquired the habit of, frankly, punching above our weight. By persisting in saying the right things, a spark of interest would be ignited. We formed fruitful partnerships with Northgate (later acquired by Capita) and Netex, a provider of groundbreaking learning technologies. Our major clients included eircom (now eir), Coca-Cola Enterprises, Allianz, Bank of New York Mellon, DataCash (MasterCard) and Vodafone.

A beautiful friendship, and an eclectic mix

We wanted to transform the learner’s experience of eLearning, changing a horrible history into the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Badly designed, badly written, motivated by a tick-box mentality, eLearning was the bane of those intent on pursuing excellence. But, if done properly, its potential was huge. Logicearth’s Fiona was using scenario-based learning and interactive video in the days when such innovations were thin on the ground. She mentored Helen, a music teacher with a software engineering background, as she developed into the company’s principal instructional designer. Soon our lead designer Darren was adding his artistic flair. If Logicearth was assembling a team with an eclectic background, then all the better: creating modern learning requires an eclectic mix of complementary skills. The Logicearth team now includes IDs with pharmaceutical expertise and others experienced in writing for the financial services sector, as well as a young team of cutting-edge digital designers.



Did we make mistakes? Yes, but they were generous ones. At times we were guilty of over-engineering each solution. Now we offer clients an à-la-carte menu of services so that they can choose exactly what they want, safe in the knowledge that the quality of the products we deliver is unmatched by any of our competitors.

So that’s our story in brief. We’re proud of our achievements this far – and, in the words of the song, we’ve only just begun.

Our Values

We respect our clients and aim to win their respect.

We are attentive, thorough and flexible, meeting client requirements and wishes while delivering exceptional work.

We are always open and honest.

We constantly push ourselves but never over-promise or under-deliver.

We are constantly innovating.

We ease the burden on learning and talent professionals, and find new ways to make learning stick.

We are a passionate team.

We know our mutual strengths and play to them; and we know we can count on the support of our extended family of experts and partners.

We innovate freely and deliver responsibly.

We believe our staff should have the freedom to be ambitious and expressive while keeping our clients’ interests at heart.